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30 January 2007 @ 07:51 pm
DW100 --> 048. Lie  
Title: Lie
Genre: angst
Rating: G/K
Word Count: 324
Prompt: 048. Lie
Claim: Ten
Spoilers: None
Summary: The Doctor's lie.
Teh Table

The Doctor lies. He has always been clever, and sometimes tricky but he cannot remember a time before when he so blatantly lied to his companions, to everyone, he may even lie to himself when the pain becomes too much. The Doctor's lie is large, but it is not particularly harmful. Yet it is not a white lie either. The only good it does is to keep him harboured from guilt, to a degree. He uses it to protect himself from blame and responsibility. His lie is simple. It's when he tells his new companions (and sometimes his old ones), his new enemies (and sometimes his old ones), "I am the last Time Lord."

The truth is simpler. He isn't the last. He isn't as special as he makes himself out to be. There are more renegade time lords than one would have thought. True, some returned to fight and die like the rest of their race, but there are others. A Cambridge Professor who has had the same rooms for centuries (relatively and linearly). The dog and the woman in another universe (he still has Adric’s calculations). Those who found the time lords too constricting and the outsiders too primal, with their moon in the fourth arm of Andromeda. He has heard that they even have type 70 TARDISs. There is his own granddaughter with her familiar double heartbeats. There are more scattered he knows. He can feel them in is head, tugging him towards them, but he is scared.

If Romana saw him would she slap him? If Susan spotted him, would she run the other way? If Professor Chronotis met him would it be with a cold hearts felt condescension, and loathing? He has enough guilt, he justifies, though he always feels guiltier after thinking that. So he tries to forget. He is supposed to save worlds, but he destroyed his own in the process. So he lies to save himself.

Please comment. They make my muse happy, and then she gives angst.
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Mood: amusedamused
Music: Series 7: The Contenders
Rachel: Love and/or respectpurple_bug on January 31st, 2007 07:58 am (UTC)
I like this one, very much. I'm a firm believer that There Are Other Gallifreyans, I even wrote a post-Time-War girl!Doctor fic featuring Chronotis. There aren't many of those, I'll tell you :o)
Feeling better since yesterday, thanks for the concern. Well, my head feels better anyway, so the eloquence is returning. But you know those little teeny spongey things that swell when you put them into water? That's what my lungs feel like, before the water. I'm desperately sucking Werther's to keep away a sore throat (can't stand menthol/medicated sweets).
But yes, I like the premise of this fic - and I didn't even think of Adric's calculations! Despite having seen Earthshock not all that long ago... However, I count the audios as canon (they fit into the series and have the same actors - I don't see the conflict), so Romana was President of Gallifrey when it went boom, unfortunately. But Susan and Chronotis, definitely. They're out there.
(I need to come up with one for 'Lies'... I've hit a bit of a wall with my drabbles, but I have several weeks worth of posting stored up, so I have no need to worry *grins*)