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19 September 2006 @ 04:31 pm
Another Person  
Title: Another Person
Rating: T-R not really sure
Word Count: 420
Spoilers: General ones through series 2
Carachters/Pairings: Mickey, implied eventual Doctor/Rose, Mickey/Rose
Summary: Short bit about Mickey's relationship with Rose after he joined the TARDIS.
A/N: Written for the Drabble Tag at who_otp, so quick and pretty much un-beatd.

When he first joined up with Rose and Him on the TARDIS, he thought he could integrate himself. He soon found out he was wrong.

First there were the nights (or when the TARDIS kindly dimmed her lights for her human passengers) when he was still allowed in her room. He would sleep there, but she would not let him touch her. Sometimes she would leave in the night when she thought he was asleep. She would come back in the wee hours of the morning. He knew they hadn't shagged (yet) though, he knew Rose. He had shagged Rose enough to know the signs.

Then there was the night of the French incident (that was it he called it, he knew Rose called it something like the French Tart night). Rose and him had walked off in to the kitchen to get food, and all the while he kept trying to engage her. Rose's eyes had drifted back to the door, back towards the long corridor, back to the console room where He was. At first he thought it was pity for Him, or maybe even the French woman, Madame de Somethingorother. He couldn't feel jealous about that, he wanted to, but he couldn't. Afterwards when they were going to bed, Rose started to touch him, to make advances towards him, and he felt like maybe he got her back. Maybe she realised that the Doctor wasn't all that. His hopes were destroyed when they started to shag, she screamed almost before he entered her, moaning "Mickey, Mickey" more loudly and repetitive than was natural. She was trying to make Him jealous. He didn't take any real pleasure from her that night. When it didn't work on Him, he was kicked out the room.

When he left the TARDIS and remained in Ricky's London (the irony was not lost on him) he felt neither anger nor resentment towards either of them. He didn't feel admiration for Him or love for her though.

The first night she had come to his alternate flat, in their alternate world he thought it was to talk over the previous weeks events. The meeting she had with Him. He hadn't thought it would be Rose trying to come back to him. He said no. She yelled and bawled, and when he still said no, she left. She gave him the cold shoulder after that. The thing he realised was he was no longer bothered by it. He realised, he Mickey Smith was over Rose Tyler.

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fajrdrakofajrdrako on September 19th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, good take on the situation. Poor bloody Mickey!