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The Writings of oltha_heri

New York
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This "community" is a journal where I post my writing. Some of my writing is fanfiction, almost exclusively Doctor Who (focused on Romana), and some are original works, which include a few poems. Largely I write short pieces of angst. Reviews and critiques are welcomed, I love constructive criticism. If you have any interest in redistributing my work I would most likely be delighted, but please ask first. Realise that though these are not technically published, it is my work. Do not plagiarise my work, and do not redistribute my work without telling me.

The name of this community is taken from a line in The Seneca. An excerpt is below (in Latin and English).

Nutrix: Abiere Colchi, coniugis nulla est fides
Nihilque superest opibus e tantis tibi.
Medea: Medea superest.

Nurse: The Colchians have left, there is nothing left of your
husband and his promises, and of all your great riches,
nothing remains.
Medea: Medea remains.

I choose this title for several reasons. The first is that I am a Latin geek. The second is that when I first read it for some person or another they said: "Wouldn't that be a great title for a woman's writing journal." And while this is not some prestigious, or even a non-cyber, indie, LES, more than one person, feminist, writing journal I still like the sentiment. The third reason is that Medea's affirmation is perhaps one of my favourite sentiments in all of literature. There is something so raw and proud in those two words, a small insight into a woman who changes so much and is perhaps the most complex character of classical literature.

Both the graphics and the layout were designed by me.

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