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31 July 2008 @ 02:16 pm
The Sleep Deprived Inappropriate Thoughts Incident  
Title: The Sleep Deprived Inappropriate Thoughts Incident
Rating: PG (there are three bleeps as well)
Genre: ... i'm not a hundred percent sure...
Characters: Wendy Watson/The Middleman
Summary: Wendy thinks some inappropriate thoughts after 4 days of next to no sleep.
Notes: This is completely unbetaed and my first Middleman fic, so any critique would be fantastic. Hope you guys like it. Also because a song made me think of this scene I now have a mix for Wendy and The Middleman here

you don't see what you possess, a beauty calm and clear
it floods the sky and blurs the darkness like a chandelier
all the light that you possess is skewed by lakes and seas
the shattered surface, so imperfect, is all that you believe

- you are the moon. the hush sound.

They had been working for four days straight, chasing down yet more comic book evil from the outer reaches of space. The creature had decided, as normal, to explode mostly on Wendy. She had been back to the loft once during this adventure, and she had no idea if the Middleman had been, or even if he had one, not a loft necessarily but a home. She did know however that they were both exhausted, and as she stepped into the locker/changing/bonding room she thought of her soft bed, her soft pillow with great love, as one who has only caught cat naps in the passenger seat of a big black American sedan and has been running on caffeine and adrenalin for the past four days can. She looked around the wood paneled room and was about to leave when she didn't see the Middleman when something caught her attention. Sitting in one of the over size wingbacks was the Middleman his jacket, shirt, tie, middlebelt, had all been removed, and she noticed on closer inspection (and having to hold back a giggle) his shoes and socks were missing. The Middleman, a real life superhero, who didn't wear tights, was barefoot and… lightly snoring. She waited a second, hoping his ninja skills would kick in and realize she was there and wake up and take her home. She waited a few more seconds, before waiting became staring.

Wendy Watson trusted the Middleman with her life. She also knew next to nothing about him. She knew he was an ex-navy seal who had very well hidden problems with authority. She knew he was polite to a fault, rarely cursed, and that he liked milk and country music. She knew all of the important things for their line of work she supposed, she knew he was more than capable of watching her back, she knew he had all of the virtues that made him a good and loyal partner to have watching her back. She just didn't know all those annoying details, like his name (though she did know he was named after his father, which really didn't narrow things down, thanks Bossman), his age, where he lived, if he had a home, or siblings, and what the [bleep] was his childhood artwork like.

There was something else that she knew too, un[bleep]fortunately, he was handsome, in all of the ways in Lacey described, and Lacey hadn't even had to be around him while he was just in his vest. He wasn't her type, and she probably wouldn't normally (or now, she reminded herself) pursue a man like him, but he was undeniably attractive. Pillow lips, soulful eyes, long, lean frame, fantastic arms, and she really was way too tired because otherwise she would not be cataloguing her bosses physical assets, he had an ass that stop mind! stop!, she thought quickly before this could become more inappropriate.

Then something caught her attention, something she hadn't noticed before, peeping out of the edge of his vest was a scar, not a neat surgical scar, but something that looked nasty and rough, the type of injury that could tell you when it was going to rain (her father’s right elbow used to always know when a hurricane was coming, that also could have been her mother’s frantic preparations). She took a step closer, on the inside of his left bicep there was another scar she hadn’t seen, it was long and looked particularly, disgustingly horrible, and it suddenly hit her. This man had been a Navy SEAL, and had probably been doing this job for slightly too long, he'd probably been tortured multiple times, people had most definitely tried to kill him, and while she always knew he could easily inflict violence, the idea of him suffering any hurt, hurt her. He was a good man, so what if he would willingly torture Pip, and probably Ben, in fact that increased his good man status in her mind. She wished there was someone she could use The Three Terrors on for him, just to say that she'd always have his back too.

Just as her thoughts of how much she actually cared about the well being of her spit shined boss. His deep soulful eyes opened and he started, before he gave her a sheepish grin. "Sorry, Dubbie," He said as he began sitting upright, "Want a ride home?"

She thought about it, she wanted it, for more reasons than she wanted to admit right now. "No, Boss, that's okay. I'd offer to take you home but I doubt you'd accept for privacy issues. Make sure you get there though, don't want you getting a stiff back on me." She smiled. "I'll hopefully see you after more than twelve hours of sleep."

He smiled. "Bye Dubbie."

"Bye-" She wanted to say his name really badly right now, and she [bleep] couldn't, "Bye Boss."

She said goodbye to Ida, suffered the robot's insults as she left. She somehow managed to stay awake on the drive home, and tried not to think inappropriate thoughts about her boss as she fell asleep. She figured thinking about how much she really wanted to find the bastards who gave him those scars and Sensei Ping their asses was the best she was going to get.

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Bethany Connalorbethanyconnalor on July 31st, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Awww....I think you just melted my brain with the cuteness. And the on-key-ness. /Such/ a good job and just what I needed right now. Thank you!
is that BABOU?!: {tv; mm}  cow squirt & art crawlingoltha_heri on August 2nd, 2008 12:43 am (UTC)
I'm really glad you thought it was on-key, I was a little bit worried. I'm extraordinarily happy it was also cute.
intergalactic super geekphantmgreeneyes on August 1st, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwww, that was just adorable. :) Lovely little snippet into a moment of their time. More please??
is that BABOU?!: {tv; mm}  cow squirt & art crawlingoltha_heri on August 2nd, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
I don't think this particular piece will continue but I do hope to write more for this fandom as I love it.
Rediscoverbaenigma on August 28th, 2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
that was very cute.