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31 December 2006 @ 03:12 pm
Son of Tag Drabbles  
Drabbles for Son of Tag @ who_otp
Personally I think these are below par for me, but hey. They all include Romana.

"What are you doing?"
"The TARDIS is still lighting in 24 hour cycles 12 hours light, 12 hours dark. I assume to resemble the human sleeping cycle. I am fixing it."
"Fixing it. FIXING IT!"
"Yes, or would you suggest we sleep for 12 hours a day." She said her face finally appearing from behind the steadily moving column.
"Romana, you are a temporary guest on this TARDIS, I suggest you stop fiddiling with things you don't understand." He came around from the other side of the console and she turned around and moved aside slightly as he moved. His hands moved to the controls where her hands previously had been. "Romana?"
"What exactly did you do?"
She turned her head down to look at him crouched over the console before saying, "If you admit that keeping it how you were is ridiculus, and you should leave it in it's modified state. Then I will tell you."
"Why should I do that exactly."
"Doctor, I am giving you a choice. Either you can keep it in the paracticla way because I force you to, or because you choose to."
He looked at her sideways. "Hmm."


She sat across from him. "Is this absolutely necessary?" She said raising her hands up her, showing of her cuffed wrists.
"Maybe not necessary, but procedure."
"Procedure to chain random people to your table."
"You weren't random, and you're not a person. You're an alien."
"You say alien, I say Gallifreyan." She said shrugging. She obviously was not worried.
"Yes, a Time Lord, though I doubt you know what that is."
"I do happen to know. Do you know the Doctor?"
"The Doctor, why of course. He is who I am travellign with we should have been in Andromeda but then he decided the coordinates were wrong and decided to fix them. So now we are here."
"Well if you are a friend of the Doctor's I don't suppose you have any malignant feelings towards us, Earthlings." Jack said getting up and sitting on the table beside her hands and unlocking each cuff.
"I don't have a malignant feeling toward anyone really. I only really have people I like, and those who I am ambivalent to."
"What about me?" Jack said casually flirting with her. After all she was breathing.
"I am so far, ambivalent. After all you did chain me up."
"I've been chained up by people I like."
"Under decidedly different circumstances, I assume."
"You assume wrongly."
"Oh really. How exactly did that go?"
"Should I show you?"
"I have time before I'm due to meet anyone, I suppose." She said leaning on her elbows looking up at him with a smirk playing on her lips. Jack returned it with a smile.


She can't remember the last time she and Romana got on this well. She looks over to her companion who is still letting out intermittent laughs. Leela's smile widens, as Romana looks up at her.
Leela's smile just broadens as she takes Romana's hand in her own.

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